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Attendance Office

Our attendance office is under the direction of Diane Strahan and Nancy Hatch. Should you need to call the attendance office directly, please phone (425) 431-7535. Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Pre-Arranged Extended Absence Form

Students must submit the required absent documentation to the Attendance Office two weeks prior to absence.
Click here for Extended Absence Form

Attendance Reports

Parents concerned about attendance should call (425) 431-7535 for a current status report. If you are familiar with our online grading and attendance system, Skyward, you are welcome to track your child's attendance using this tool.

Early Dismissal

Early dismissals are obtained by parent permission the morning or prior to the dismissal date in the Attendance Office. Leaving campus without permission and while school is in session is considered an unexcused absence. When you get permission to leave it is important that you leave campus or you may lose your permit. Students will not be allowed to wander the halls and disrupt the educational process.

Attendance Policy

Consistent with WAC 180-40-010, all students will attend and be punctual at regularly scheduled classes unless officially excused. Teachers are responsible for taking attendance daily. They will review the attendance policy with students at the beginning of each semester.

Each teacher is responsible for taking an accurate check of attendance each period. This is considered a top order of business each day. Teachers are required to keep a record of each students ½ absences in their grade book or keep an attendance record of another kind, such as an attendance book or computer record, in case of discrepancies in student attendance.

A student who has been absent is to report to the Attendance Office for an admit slip before returning to class. Students who do not have admit slips will not be admitted to class.

Admit slips indicate whether an absence is excused, unexcused or informational. Admit slips can be obtained in the attendance office before school or between classes. Students who have not been excused via a parent phone call or do not have a written excuse from their parents will be automatically unexcused. Parents who wish to call in an excuse may do so at (425) 431-7535. Students must provide a parental excuse within 48 hours of returning to school in order for their absence to be excused. After that, the absence remains unexcused.

Excused absences include illness, family emergencies, medically related appointments, recognized community service activities approved by the Board, approved prearranged vacation activities with parents, other activities with prior administrative approval.

Unexcused absences are non-emergency, non-illness related appointments, shopping trips, non-medical appointments, social and recreational activities, non-approved vacation trips, transportation problems and oversleeping. Even with a note, these absences are still considered unexcused and do not constitute extenuating circumstances.

Informational absences include school related absences, field trips, athletic trips, suspensions. If school related absences are making a negative impact on a student's class performance, the teacher may deny permission for the absence or require prior permission. Students should obtain a prior permission form in the attendance office for planned and extended school related absences.

Students who are 18 years or over can seek information about writing their own absence notes from the Attendance Secretary.

Upon the accumulation of six (6) absences per class, per semester, a computer generated letter from the attendance office will be sent to the parent/guardian. Upon the accumulation of 9 absences per class, a computerized warning letter will be sent to the parent/guardian. Upon the accumulation of 12 absences per class, per semester, the student will automatically lose credit for the particular class or classes in which the absences occurred. Students who are academically passing the class will receive a no-credit grade. Students not passing the class will receive a failing grade. The student will still be required to attend the class. Failure to attend the class may result in a BECCA petition being filed on the student.

An attendance appeals process is in place for students or parents who feel that extenuating circumstances have led to the accumulation of 12 or more absences. In such cases, students or parents may request an appeal where the loss of credit is to take place. Appeal forms may be obtained from the Attendance Office at the end of each semester.

Course objectives will contain criteria for attendance and grade earned. Those objectives will indicate when make-up work must be submitted and the grading requirements. Make-up work for unexcused absences may be accepted at the teacher's discretion.

Teachers will release students at the end of the scheduled period. If a student is held in class after the bell rings and is late to his/her next class, the teacher in whose class he/she was detained will issue a pass to the next class. Prior Approval of the next period teacher is required if a student is to be held for any reason. If a student is late for a class and does not have a valid note excusing his/her tardiness, he/she will be marked TARDY in the teacher's grade book. A student is considered absent when he/she is more than 5 minutes late to class. Four unexcused tardies will equal one unexcused absence. This will also be recorded by the teacher in the grade book. This information may be used to deny credit or determine a grade.