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Running Start

The Running Start program in Washington state provides the opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to attend college-level classes, tuition free.

  • Students will be responsible for purchasing books and supplies, assessment and technology fees.
  • Students will need to provide their own transportation to the college.
  • Upon successful completion of college level courses taken through Running Start, students will earn college credit which will also apply toward high school graduation.
  • Students will be considered adults on the campus and parents and counselors will not have access to the college's teachers or grading information of these courses at the college.
  • Counselors will only know college grades once they are reported on the high school transcript.

If you are interested in the Running Start program, here is our most recent recording and slides of the Running Start Information Night held April 11th, 2024:

Running Start Recorded Zoom Meeting 4/11/24

Running Start Information Slides

Here are the links to the colleges in our area and their steps to enrollment.  Choose the one that is most accessible/appropriate to you:

Once you have been accepted to the college, it is advisable to make an appointment with an advisor at the college to help create the college portion of the educational plan.  High school counselors assist in helping students to understand the college equivalents needed in order to complete a high school diploma, but they do not assist student in choosing courses that transfer to colleges and universities or those that will complete an Associate's degree.

Complete the  LHS Running Start Contract and share it with your parent/guardian. Bring this in when you have your counselor meeting, which is explained in the next step.

  • When you have completed the orientation portion of the enrollment process (Step 3 at Edmonds College) at the college, and have researched classes and cross referenced them with the equivalency sheet, come to, or contact, the LHS Counseling Office and make an appointment to meet with your counselor to complete the RS Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF).