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Students: Please visit the Career Center to request a military visit

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All Military recruiters are to follow the below stated guidelines when visiting the Edmonds School District locations. If guidelines are not met and followed, action to terminate site visitation will be implemented.


The Edmonds School District advocates for all of our students. This means providing them challenging learning opportunities, a personalized approach to their education, and connections to potential careers they might pursue. Our high school Career Information Specialists and/or School-to-Work Coordinators manage the visits of all post secondary career recruiters by providing access to interested students. This forum is designated solely for career exploration and is open to all prospective employers and institutions of higher learning and advanced study.

The following guidelines are designed to keep these conversations with our students voluntary, honest, and respectful. In order to provide clear expectations for all District high schools, these guidelines apply to all potential employers and institutions of higher learning whenever they meet with our students on school campuses.

1. Schools will attempt to balance the visits of recruiters to offer a wide range of student exposure to differing careers.

2. Recruiters must sign in and out through the school's main office for each visit, wear a visitor's badge, and then proceed to the Career Center. Schools will maintain a record of all recruiter visits.

3. The primary contact for all recruiters is the Career Information Specialist and/or School-to-Work Coordinator at each high school. Recruiters must check-in with this person, the principal, or an assistant principal before setting up or making contact with students.

4. All appointments and meetings with students will only occur in the Career Center or other administratively approved location as identified in advance by each high school.

5. All student contacts must be made with school personnel present.

6. Recruiters shall not approach students nor hold contests.

7. Career recruiters are not allowed in middle schools except as a part of scheduled career activities.

8. These guidelines will be posted in each high school's Main Office, Counseling Office, Career Center, and website. They will also be posted on the district's website. Copies of these guidelines will be provided to each recruiter requesting to recruit at an Edmonds School District school.

9. District high schools and students shall be informed that the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is voluntary. The test will generally be given under the option where the test scores and identifying information for all students cannot be used for recruiting purposes (i.e. "ASVAB Option 8" as described in the ASVAB Counselors Manual), unless the student chooses another option.

10. Students should be given time in homeroom or Advisory to read and complete the "Do Not Release Directory Information Form" and provided guidance if needed should they choose to restrict their private information from release to military recruiters. These forms may be completed and turned in at their school.

Complaints about the actions of a recruiter should be directed to the building principal. Recruiters should be aware that if these guidelines are not followed, or the recruiting activity adversely affects traditional school events or activities, access of the individual recruiter and/or his/her respective organization will be denied.