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Applying to college

          College application checklist



College Applications and Naviance

What you need to know to make sure required documents
are sent for your college applications.

College Admission Rep Visits
College Admission Rep Visits are held during lunches throughout the school year. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about a potential school and ask of questions! The schedule of visits can be found in Naviance as well as posted outside the Career Center.

Naviance & College Applications
Students applying to colleges need to create a list of colleges in Naviance to which they will be submitting applications.  Transcripts can be requested at the same time. Check early with each college to determine the requirements of the application: number of letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores (not all schools need these) etc.  If a student determines they are no longer interested in applying to a particular college, it is extremely helpful to the Counseling staff if the student indicates this in the Naviance college list. Once the decision has been made as to which institution the student will be attending, that should also be noted in Naviance so the final transcripts can be sent.

The most common method for making  college applications are : 

Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
Requests for LORs for college applications are made in Naviance on the College tab. Allow three (3) weeks lead time to assure the recommender has adequate time to write the letter. The more information you furnish about yourself via a "Brag Sheet" and  "Letter of Recommendation Request" the better the likelihood of a well-crafted letter. This is not the time to be modest!  The more your recommender knows about you, the better!  Note: Letters of Recommendation for scholarships are not requested in Naviance.  Contact the recommender directly.  



Helpful Videos:








SAT & ACT Scores for College Applications
2-year colleges do not require SAT or ACT scores.  Many 4-year colleges require one or the other with no preference as to which one.  There is a trend for many colleges to become "test optional" which means that SAT or ACT scores are not required, but can be submitted if the student feels the scores would be beneficial.  Check with each college for specific requirements.  If scores are required they would be requested and sent through either for SAT scores or (not Naviance).

The LHS Career Center has many resources for getting started on your college applications including the following:

  • Answering general questions

  • Connecting students with college reps and resources

  • Providing assistance on filling out college applications

  • Sharing tips to write a great admissions essay

  • Understanding financial aid and what colleges are a good financial fit for you


More Resources:

Websites that will help you in the college admissions process...

  • Peterson's College Search - Offers many different search methods that help you identify good-fit schools with up-to-date information on admissions, cost, financial aid, programs / majors. Check out the "Colleges You May Like" function!

  • CollegeBoard College MatchMaker - A great tool that will help you generate a list of potential schools. List is based on geography, size, programs of study, admissions, and more.

  • Niche - Best colleges this year

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