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2015-16 1st Semester Champion

2015-16 1st Semester

Coveted Blue Ribbon Tournament Champions!

1st Period Team Sports (Knudsen): "The Ugly Ducklings"

Captain: Riley Eres

L to R: Riley Eres, Russell Arellano, Danny Nguyen, Jason Mutuc, Fariha Mubarak

1st Period Team Sports (McMains): "Lady Royals Pt 1.5"

Captain: Arashdeep Singh

L to R: Jagmohan Singh, Gary Wu, Kevin Kennedy, Arashdeep Singh, Jessica Trinh

1st Period Weight Training: "Lat Pulls"

Captain: Spencer Kim

L to R: Spencer Kim, Vitaly Odeychuk, Vicente Garcia-Jimenz, Nathan Holmes, Allison Senger

2nd Period Lifetime Sports: "My Favorite Team"

Captain: Grace Hugdahl

L to R: Larry Li, Casey Mitchell, Brianna Young, Grace Hugdahl, Oscar Mota

2nd Period Team Sports: "Team Six"

Captain: Mikao Kirkman

L to R: Alex Newsom, Duavier Rcom,Branden Nguyen,Miki Taufete'e,Mikao Kirkman

3rd Period Weight Training: "Top FC"

Captain: Alvero Martinez

L to R: Miguel Gonzales-Lopez, Henry Gonzalez, Alvaro Martinez, Connor Huckabay

3rd Period Lifetime Sports: "The Ferocious Teddy Bears"

Captain: Danny Nguyen

L to R: Tanner Maxwell, Abby Young, Dayana Miranda-Pineda, Brayam Juarez-Ramirez, Danny Nguyen

4th Period Team Sports: "The Blue Ribbon Champs"

Captain: Daniel Guardado

L to R: Daniel Guardado, Ryley Johnson, Mario Hernandez, Petko Kolachev

Not Pictured: Richard Wakefield

5th Period Weight Training: "Fire Breathing Squirrels"

Captain: Jose Guillen

Left to Right: Jose Guillen, Jose Trujillo-Martinez, Kyle McGhie, Richard Kong

Front: Genesis Esponda

6th Period Team Sports: "Team Incredibles"

Captain: Matthew Young

L to R: David Hurtado, Matthew Young, Natalie Brown, Kyle Gersbach

Not Pictured: Jahn Sandsmark

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