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2011-12 1st Semester Champions

1st Semester 2011-12

Coveted Blue Ribbon Tournament Champions!

1st Period Champions: "2 Scrubs, 3 Athletes"

(Mrs. Gittins)

2nd Period Champions - "Roll Tide"

(Mr. McMains)

Left to Right: Vitaliy Karpinskiy, Darrell Curnew, Hadiya Puzauskas,

Jason Meehan, Justin Lam (Captain)

 3rd Period Champions - "Los Legit"

(Mrs. Gittins)

4th Period Champions - Lynnwood's Most Wanted"

(Mrs. Gittins)

Left to Right:

4th Period Champions

(Mr. McMains)

Blue Angels

Beast Mode

5th Period Champions - "Super-Duper Awesome"

(Mrs. Gittins)

5th Period Champions - "Waterboy"

(Mr. McMains)

Back: Reylene Pineda, Aaron Willie, Jessica Vorng

Front: Chase Brandt (Captain)

6th Period Champions - "THE Winners!"

(Mr. McMains)

Left to Right: Hannah Lemm (Captain), Kayla Ortado, Anh Luu, Diego Lopez, Chris Dapas