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Main Office

Our friendly main office staff is available during the school day to assist you with your questions and direct you the appropriate resources when needed.  Nicole Kaalekahi, Main Office Secretary, (ext. 5201) is available to you at the front desk to answer your questions,  direct you to needed resources on campus, answer questions regarding student fines, and provide you with general information. Monika Nuth, our Office Manager, (ext. 5200) can assist you in locating forms and other important paperwork, as well as schedule appointments with the Administrative Team, assist staff members and substitutes, and answer any general questions you may have.

Lynnwood High School faculty and staff members have individual voice mailboxes. In the event that you need to get in touch with a teacher, counselor, administrator or other staff member, please follow the directions on the recording and leave a message on the voice mail for the individual that you wish to speak to. If you do not know the extension of the staff member whom you wish to speak to, the recording will tell you what to do. It is reasonable for you to expect a call within 24 hours, provided that the staff member is on campus and there are no extenuating circumstances. Please leave as much information as possible about your concern so that when the call is returned, you will be provided with the assistance and answers that you need.

If you have a specific issue for the high school or the district and would like to view a list of departments that might be able to address your question, please click here.