Graduation Requirement: Biology

Biology EOC(End of Course) Information

What is it?: The Biology End of Course (EOC) is a state biology test all students need to pass before they can graduate.

Who needs to take it?: All students need to take and pass the biology EOC to graduate.

When do students take it?: Most students at LHS take biology during their 9th grade year (however, a few take it later on in high school). The Biology EOC is given in June at the end of the biology course.

What is on the Biology EOC?: Basically, everything we learned in biology. For a more detailed and thorough answer see the link below to the state science standards or the study guide.

What do I do If I don’t pass the Biology EOC?: You will need to retake the test until you pass it. The test is given again every January and June. However, your absolute best chance of passing the EOC is at the end of your biology class. You will have just finished learning all of the material you need to know and practicing the skills you need. You can still pass it in later years, but you will need to study, do many practice problems, and get help if you need it. LHS offers an after school biology boot camp to help students study for retaking the test. Talk to Mr. Bonifaci about this if you are interested.

If you still have not passed the EOC by your senior year, you can take a collection of evidence class and complete a portfolio showing your knowledge in biology. If your portfolio passes the states evaluation, you will still graduate. The portfolio takes a lot more time, effort, and writing to complete than the test. Your easiest path to graduation is to study hard and pass the biology EOC.


  1. The washington state science standards
    The standards used for the biology EOC are for grades 9-12 and on the topics of systems, inquiry, and application. The content standards are for life science.

  2. WA State Biology EOC Website
    This is the state’s site describing the test and offering other resources.

  3. Biology EOC StudyGuide
    This is a comprehensive study guide for all of the content a student needs to know to be successful on the test. It includes standards, practice questions, and links to other resources for studying. 

  4. EOC Practice Problems
    These practice question were formerly part of the Biology EOC, now the state has released them for students to use to practice. Each document is pided into 3 parts. The first part is background information about the test. The second part is full of example test questions for students to practice. The final part is a grading guide, explaining how each question is assessed. The final part can be useful figuring out how to improve your answers.

  5. Biology Skills
    Certain skills like writing hypothesis, variables, conclusions, and procedures are always on the biology EOC test. Use these guides to help you practice.
    How to write a hypothesis and assigning variables
    How to write conclusions and procedures 

  6. Biology online textbook
    This is a link to the online Biology textbook. It is very useful for relearning and reviewing different biology topics. To login you will need a username and password. Please talk to a biology teacher to get access.
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